547 Haight, from Barber Shop to Beer Bar

547 Haight is home to the Toronado, one of the best places anyone can go, local or visitor, for beer in San Francisco. Toronado has been operating at this location since 1987. This location is cash only and doesn’t take kindly to folks asking for a cocktail. This is a beer bar for people who like real beer. So don’t ask for a Budweiser or a Heineken. You can go to O’Looney’s Market for that and go home.

Referencing the Polk Street Directory, 547 Haight was known as Fred’s Midtown Barbershop from 1953 – 1956. After Mercury Upholstering Company operated at that location until 1968. That transitioned into a Social Club from 1969 – 1970 and then into Brown’s Ice Cream Parlor from 1971 – 1972. It shows as vacant from 1973 – 1976 and between 1977 – 1978 opened as Peterson Stanze Dance Theatre. There’s a gap between 1979  and 1983, and picks up again as Miss Jennie Beauty Supplies until 1986. Then the property was purchased by David Keene, who opened the Toronado. There are two other business addresses associated with the building Keene purchased,, 545 Haight, the home of Rosamunde Sausage and 533 Haight which is not open to the public. When you’re in the Lower Haight and headed to the Toronado, take a few minutes to cross the street and face the blue storefront that is home to the Toronado and Rosamunde. You’ll notice it’s the only single story structure in the Lower Haight.

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