735 Haight Street, From Variety to Costumes

A well known spot in the Lower Haight draws a huge crowd  with the build up to Halloween. That place is Costumes on Haight at 735 Haight Street between Scott and Pierce.

Costumes on Haight has been operating at this address since 1995. It’s the go to place to buy or rent a costume in San Francisco year round.

The 735 location operated as Dublin’s Variety Store in the early 1950s through the late 1970s. Referencing the Polk City Directory for San Francisco, Haight Hardware Store was operating at this address from approximately 1980 – 1983. Between 1984- 1989 it was known as D&M New and Used Furniture/Treasures. The Polk Directory shows for one year, between 1993-1994 a business called Jinx operated at 735 Haight before it settled into it’s current entity as Costumes on Haight.

If you remember this location before it became Costumes on Haight, let me know. I’d love to hear more and will update this piece with anything else I can dig up.