I started the Lower Haight History Project to satisfy my curiosity about my neighborhood and the businesses I’ve been frequenting for over 20 years. I visited the Lower Haight for the first time in 1994 and I’ve lived in this neighborhood since 2000. This is a work in progress with a lot of content to add in. I’m eager to have conversations with folks to fill in the gaps and share memories.

The Lower Haight History site is here to:

  • Invite discussions and contributions on Lower Haight History
  • Serve as a portal to support our local business owners
  • Get people to look up from their phones and look around when walking around our great neighborhood

Business Focus: 399 Haight – 800 Haight Street

ChatGPT cannot research and produce a historical body of work for the purpose of this project.

To make this project manageable, the focus on business history is from 399 Haight to 800 Haight Street. There’s no ChatGPT/AI tool that will research and consolidate this information in seconds. This research is a manual process and a labor of love. Over time the research will expand.

I visited the Lower Haight for the first time in 1994. I’ve lived in this neighborhood regularly since 2000. I had to satisfy my curiosity and learn more about the businesses that operated and continue to operate out here.


I relied heavily on Polk’s San Francisco City Directory to build the framework of local business information.  A lot of it is digitized and accessible online from the San Francisco Public Library website. In the Polk Directory, business listings are alphabetical by street until the 1950s. You can jump to “Haight Street”, find the 400 block and read through the business names listed by year.

Click on the markers below to access a pop up window containing a list of business history by address. Most information goes back to the 1950s.


Before the 1950s, business listings are alphabetical by business name. That makes it almost impossible to know what businesses operated in San Francisco without having a business name to reference to then identify the business address.

After going to the SF Public Library, talking to locals, business owners and local historians it seems there is no other resource that offers this depth of comprehensive history on Lower Haight businesses.  I look forward to connecting with other sources to build information.

Drop a comment if you have information you want to share. I’d love to get input from the community to build on the information provided here.

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